Akai Tsuki Ni Hoeru Yoru Kanji Translation

世界(せかい)- World

味(あじ)- Flavor

惰性(だせい)- habit

噛む(かむ)- to chew


胸(むね)- chest

踊る(おどる- pronounced おり in the song) – to dance

狂う  (くるう)- to go mad

臓器(ぞうき)-internal organs


交わる(まじわる)- cross

時刻(じこく)- instant in time

孤独(こどく)- lonliness

星(せい)- star

古びる(ふるびる)- to get old

爪跡(つめあと)- scratch, fingernail scratch, scar

緞帳(どんちょう)- curtain, thick curtain

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