Policy on Crediting Original Authors

Taken by stockxchange user bluegum (http://www.sxc.hu/photo/911615)

While doing some research for my post on the band “Alice Nine,” I ran across a LiveJournal blog about J-Rock. Unfortunately, the second post was about how the author felt that he/she had to remove some content because people were not properly crediting the author’s work.

So I feel I need to say this: if you write a guest post on this blog, you ABSOLUTELY MUST credit the original author. No exceptions.

But instead of going on about how not crediting a source is wrong (and, in some cases, illegal), let me give you a list of reasons why it is in your interest and the interest of your source to properly credit them.

1. Properly crediting your source increases their search engine ranking. In other words, you will be helping your sources by simply linking back to them. And think about it: if you want to encourage someone to keep providing information/translations/media/whatever on their blog, what better way to do that then to increase their search engine ranking, especially if they’ve monetized their blog?

2. Giving proper attribution is the right thing to do. Did you translate that interview from Shoxx magazine? Have you ever taken the time to translate something from your native language to a second language you speak (or vice-versa)? Translation is hard work, and there’s a reason why good translators get paid top dollar for what they do. If someone takes the time to post their work on their website for others to see and use for free, at least do the courteous thing and let your audience know who did the ground work. And while you’re at it, send the original author a note thanking them for their service and letting them know you appreciate it.

This goes for photos, video, and other media as well.

3. There’s no better way to increase your readership than by properly crediting other authors. One of the most powerful things about writing on the Internet is the power of synergy. If you do the right thing by crediting another blogger, they’re likely going to want their audience to see how their work was used in your piece. It creates an aura of mutual assistance, where you drive your readers to their site and vice-versa.

Whenever you use another artist’s work for your own article, remember to offer proper attribution, even if it’s not for this blog.

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