Alice Nine | Melodic Visual Kei

Band Name: Alice Nine (アリス九號)

Band Members: 

Shou (将) – Vocals
Hiroto (ヒロト- Lead Guitar
Tora (虎) – Rhythm Guitar/MC
Saga (沙我) – Bass Guitar/Composer/Backup Vocals
Nao (ナオ) – Drums



That’s the best way to describe Alice Nine, a Visual Kei J-Rock group that has appeared in anime seires such as “Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D.” From Shou’s commanding tenor voice to Tora’s dominating rhythm guitar, you get an immediate sense that each band is on the same page as far as what note to play and when to play it. There’s not much in the way of experimental riffs in Alice Nine’s music (a la Takuya of Judy and Mary). Even in Hiroto’s guitar solos (where he displays a certain mastery of the instrument), there’s not much deviation from the melody of the song he’s playing.

Even though the band’s sound is best described as “melodic pop rock,” there are very synthesizer or computerized effects in the band’s music. You’ll run into the occasional sample, but the music is definitely guitar, bass and drum driven.

Band History

Alice Nine began with drummer Nao and bass player Saga in 2004. They recruited singer Shou and rhythm guitar player Tora when their band Givuss disbanded. Hiroto joined the group around this time. Since their formation, they have released a number of singles, including Tsubasa, Hana and Mirror Ball, all which have been ranked 6th for at least a week on the Oricon Weekly Single Chart.

Key Tracks

To get a grasp of where the band wants to go musically, listen to the track “White Prayer.” In an interview with Shoxx magazine, the band said that “White Prayer” epitomized the direction they want to take with their music.

A prime example of the band’s melodic tenancies is the track “Cross Game,” which is the title track of the “Yu-Gi-Oh 5D” series.



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