Guest Posts

I welcome anyone and everyone to submit guest posts to this blog. I intended this blog to be a music review/article/song lyric and translation site. If any of these interest you, or if you want to write about some other J-Pop/J-Rock related topic, let me know in a comment.

How to Submit

If you want to submit a guest post, please send an email to bryancsaxton [at] gmail [dot] com and include “Guest post for JPopNihongo” in the title. Put the text of the article in the body of the email along with any sources you use. I’ll review it, edit it and post it on the site, along with a link back to your website/blog/facebook account/twitter account/ whatever you want.

But before you submit, please read the following rules.  They’re simple and non-intrusive, but need to be adhered to nonetheless.

1. All posts will be reviewed and edited before posted. 

Pay close attention to the word “edited.” I don’t require anyone to have a set skill level when writing for this blog, but as a professional writer, I will go over your post and edit it for grammar, word usage and SEO purposes. I promise not to butcher your writing or change what you’re trying to say, but in turn, I will go over it to keep it up-to-standard for this blog.

2. Use decent grammar. 

I am not expecting any guest poster to have the same skills as an AP Editor, nor am I asking for anything above a 12th grade high school level. In fact, I even understand that some of you do not speak English as a first language, so I am definitely not expecting anything that would wow an English teacher.

I am asking, however, that you spell simple words correctly and use proper capitalization and proper basic punctuation. And when I say basic punctuation, I really only mean good period usage. Grammar rules can be tricky for commas, semi-colons and the like, so don’t worry to much about those, but get basic capitalization and period usage right. Please.

3. Credit your sources.

I just wrote a long piece about it, so read that. Besides, crediting your sources will improve your article in the long run.

4. Have fun with your article

It will show. If you love what you write, it will shine through, no matter what your writing skill level. Besides, why write about J-Pop/J-Rock if it’s not fun?


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